This is an "autobiographical" game about practicing violin in the morning! To move the bow, move the mouse very slightly up and down. To have the cursor appear to close the game, press the "escape" button on your keyboard. This game is incredibly irritating and purposefully so. Shout out to my roommate Alison Madden for VA'ing my "dad". Visually, I think this game is one of my weakest, because this was my first time trying to make 3d assets that complemented one another in a finished "videogame." But game design-wise and input-wise, I feel pretty proud of having captured how it felt to practice every morning. I'm actually pretty good at violin at this point, because I did practice with my dad so much and work so hard, but it is definitely a contentious thing to make a game about. Since coming to the Game Center i'd forgotten how much the violin had impacted me, and while I made this I actually had to stop practicing because this game made me feel weird when I did. Thank god it's over so I can go back to practicing Paganini!

StatusIn development
Made withUnity

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