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In The Desecration of Blake North, you play as "the most popular 14 year old girl in the whole 9th grade," who, after learning that someone has pooped in the shower of her dormitory, makes it her mission to find out "whodunnit." Through interrogating the girls in Blake North, investigating "evidence" in their rooms, and sending passive aggressive emails, it is your job to make another 14 year old girl feel like she's at the bottom of the high school social ladder.

One of the two Mac builds should work for you. BuggyBuild is actually less messed up than the other one, and it should work on Catalina.

Strategy Guide for The Desecration of Blake North

  • Go through the menus until you arrive in Roberta’s bedroom and the alarm is beeping.
  • Move Roberta with WASD, left click on objects with color to learn about them. Right click to exit their inspection screen.
  • To get the fire alarm to stop, walk down the hallway where all the girls are headed. You will be brought to the first cutscene.
  • Your objectives are stated by Quaft in the first cutscene: figure out who is the pooper. 
    • You may take notes by pressing left alt (or left options on mac) and clicking on the box under the name of whomever you are taking notes on.
    • You may engage in conversation with kids to figure out what they were doing.
    • You may send emails to kids by going back to Roberta’s bedroom and sending an email.
  • It is up to you when the game ends, when you feel like you’ve gathered enough information and ready to present to Senora Quaft. Make sure you don’t get it wrong, though, as you may humiliate the wrong child!


MacBuild.app.zip 41 MB
BUILD_1.5.zip 47 MB
BuggyBuild.app.zip 41 MB

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