A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

*Press TAB to switch from UI mode to movement mode

What is this thing???

This is a 3d game based around finding runes and trying to figure out what they mean. It was made in three weeks by me, Abigail Yaffe, and my peer Paris Stacy.

There is no interaction that happens when you place runes, but the thought is that in further iterations of the game there will be puzzles associated with this.


Book: A compendium of all the runes, space for you to take notes is here, your goal is to fill out this book by exploring the island and using your other tools.

Map: Look at the map to figure out how to orient yourself on this strange island.

Compass: Use the compass along with the map to orient yourself and figure out the meanings of different runes.

Rune Crafting: Select one of the runes and place it on the ground. Does anything happen? No, but now you have a rune on the ground.

Day/Night Cycle: Watch the sun rise and set, it allows you to see different things with different kinds of light.

Lantern: Put your lantern away when it's day and take it out at night in order to see things in different ways.


MacBuild.zip 26 MB
WinBuild.zip 26 MB


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