How to play:

-press space when prompted in the beginning scene to go to the gameplay screen
-press down to start skiing
-hold down to go completely down
-hold left to skilt to the left
-hold right to skilt to the right
-if you let go of any of these buttons, the skier will default to normal skiing either going left or right


Go through as many flag pairs as possible, you will gain points. If you miss you will be chastised but you will not lose points. It is highley recommended to not run into flags or trees.

Hopes for this mod
I really just felt the energy of alpine skiing could be extracted in a really sardonic and explosive way with my modifications, like as I was originally emulating it. I was going for a mid-2000's gamer-bro vibe with an unnerving twist, the fact that you're trapped totally forever by the cycle of coniving reactions to your every pass or failure.
I found the mechanics I wanted to change while building my game. I was trying to perfect the feel of the lerping, so I tried setting the third value from 1 to .1 to see what happened. What happened is that the dude started going in the opposite, comparatively, to the direction you were pushing him. My friend Finn commented that "this was radical!" and I was like, you know what? Yes it is. And then also I encountered a silly bug where I forgot to tick "is trigger" on the components bar so the little dude would go absolute baller whenever he ran in to a tree or flag, and I originally liked this. I found that when I wanted this to happen with purpose, sometimes the guy would just land on the other collider without the screen totally going at it, so I had to change the prefab colliders to circles so his collider would sort of slip off of theirs and it would deliver the ultimate experience.
I changed the score to only gaining points because I thought there was enough punishment in the word reaction to the player's moves, also I think the negative sign in the UI looks uncool.
There is no end screen because of the gravity of the start screen. This is a game about eternal punishment. A rogue-like, to put words in my mouth.

PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, HTML5
Made withUnity


SkierMod 20 MB
Unbuilt Skier 106 MB
Skierclone.txt 2 kB


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This is a pretty accurate representation of what I go through when skiing, wordart included


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wow i know if skiing is cool or not now. I wont ever forget.