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In High School, I partook in the "creative writing signature experience program," or in how we summarized it, creative writing sig. Sig, in its essence, was taking a collection of creative writing classes throughout the high-school career and then showing a culmination of your work in a "Capstone Project." This game-ish installment is part of my capstone project, the other part is a short play I wrote that I did not share in the video because I wasn't very proud of it at the time. If you have a mac, I'd recommend watching the video. The first part of it is me reading a poem inspired by Madonna's song, Vogue, which may be fun to listen to but I sound like a twangy child while I read it out loud, so prepare yourself.

Skip to about 4:10 in the video to see the actual game!

Haughty Commentary About Rain Room (Warning you!!)

Originally, one of the stanzas written on the walls of the "Rain Room" or whatever was, "shit shit shit, fuck fuck fuck, kiss my ass, suck my cuck, in the rain," but I removed this for the presentation in order to pass.


In The Rain.zip 49 MB

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